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SEW + Autmix

Unique modular system in drive technology

Diversity and innovation in motors, gearmotors and gear units.

Meet SEW Eurodrive

SEW Eurodrive is a worldwide leader in drive technology, with 90 years of experience in various industries and multiple applications of drive engineering.

It is constantly developing to grow with the industries that trust its equipment, such as automotive, beverages, transportation and logistics, airport baggage check-in and more.

Drive automation technology Sew Eurodrive

Leading drive engineering systems

SEW Eurodrive has motors systems, gear motors and gear units for plenty of applications, here you can find the ideal equipment, according to existing needs.

SEW Eurodrive moves systems and equipments with automation solutions

Worldwide quality equiments

Drive products present in variuos international processes.

Ideal solutions

Drive solutions perfect for every process.

Featured products

Diversity, quality, reliability and innovation are part of the components.

SEW® product line

SEW Eurodrive has a wide variety of products for industries that require drive engineering in different applications. Find the right for your process:

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Do your processes require a SEW Eurodrive solution? Approach us, in Autmix we can help you to find the ideal solution.

Reduce your operating costs

we help industries with the development and optimization of their production processes.

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