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Maximum performance and reliability in mixers and heat exchangers

PRIMIX Static mixers and heat exchangers


PRIMIX is a European company with a long history as a global supplier and manufacturer of high-performance custom mixers and heat exchangers.

PRIMIX is highly reliable due to a wide range of applications, both in bulk, for the horticulture industry, or for precision at a military level, as well as in critical processes with risk of explosions, toxicity, corrosion or thermal sensitivity.

Primix delivers with benefits like energy savings, efficiency, and support.

PRIMIX: Performance by Design

The maximum and lasting performance is achieved with a suitable design, considering the combination of extensive knowledge in fluid dynamics and meticulous work, resulting in solutions for complex situations.

The PRIMIX solutions has three advantages:

Customized equipment

PRIMIX offers customized equipment that adapts to the needs of mixing, emulsion, and suspension processes for gas, liquids, and solids.

Heat exchange

Heat transfer between two fluids or gases, either to cool or higher temperatures.


Uniform dispersion of micro-ingredients or compounds in fluids and gases.

PRIMIX: Design for all requirements

Whitin the range of PRIMIX mixers, you can find customized designs or in its standarversion, fon chemical processing, food cooling or nutrient mixing.

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