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Ideal pinch valves for various industries

Meet AKO

AKO Armaturen is a company recognized worldwide as a quality benchmark and specializes in cutting and regulating abrasive, fibrous, and corrosive materials.

Thanks to the variety of materials for the casing and sealing flanges, the AKO pinch valves are used in industries such as chemicals, plastics, ceramics, pneumatic or pharmaceuticals, and mineral, cement, silo, and water treatment processes.

Pinch valves from AKO with a variety of connections, sealing and savings.

AKO pinch valves for closing and regulating materials

The AKO pinch valve design is focused on closing and regulating corrosive, abrasive, and emulsion products, including materials such as slurries, powders, gaseous, compressed air, granules, or pellets.

AKO pneumatic and mechanical pinch valves ensure:

Value for cost

The AKO pinch valves have a long useful life.

Availability in your area

Autmix is an authorized distributor of AKO products.

Great product variety

AKO Armanturen has a range of product catalogs for every process.

AKO Product lines

The AKO product catalog is a free-flow material due to the nominal passage section, minimal friction resistance, unobstructed valves and a compact structure.

Find the best choice for your sector:

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