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Autmix Flow

Autmix Flow is an iconic division of the group for innovation and development in finding agitation and mixing solutions for every industry. Through research, we find the best agitator design and manufacturing formulas for the most demanding processes. We have a large number of successful case studies carried out in Mexico, United States, Spain and France.

These services and products, although they are part of a long history, are reinvented day by day through the R&D department: the driving force and guiding axis of our projects.

Get to know the different products we have for your industrial processes:

Industrial Mixers

Industrial mixers are devices capable of forcing the movement of a fluid by mechanical means in order to mix and homogenise its components, as well as helping to carry out chemical reactions, keeping solids in suspension, and thermal and mass transfer. Their function in industry lies in the large number of production processes in which this equipment is applied.

Thus, through the R&D department we develop and apply research processes in mixing and agitation solutions for the sector. Our aim is to facilitate the use of equipment, optimise processes and offer top quality industrial mixers and agitators to our customers.

Compact industrial mixers

For low process volumes; design suitable for rotating at high rotational speed.

Horizontal and bottom industrial mixers

Efficiency in a wide range of processes with an excellent sealing system; keeps the fluid inside the container.

Anchor type industrial mixers

To maintain fluid movement with high viscosity, designed to avoid product stagnation.

Rotor Stator industrial mixers

Radial flow, high shear stress in low volumes.

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Polyelectrolyte dosing systems

An ideal choice for your processes of separating particles and compounds, purifying liquids or generating effects in solutions.

Mixer lift stands

If you require versatility and displacement in your agitation processes, this is the option for you.

Equipment and process components

Consult the catalog of equipment and components for process lines, static mixers, submersibles and drive devices.

Reduce your operating costs

we help industries with the development and optimization of their production processes.

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